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Is Communication Dead or Alive in Your Marketing?

Is Communication Dead or Alive in Your Marketing? – By Lorenzo Williams


Today as email marketing, leads and customer experience drive business profits at an alarming rate.  The question every business will be asking is communication dead or alive in your marketing?  Communication can be detected even through email marketing.  Lets talk about the many forms of communication in email marketing.


Is Communication Dead or Alive in Your Marketing?



Using language in email marketing is a key function of how and when to ask or suggest the right recommendation.  Email marketing language starts with recommending a solution and offering a call to action for what you want to the lead or customer to do.  How are you using your language in your email marketing?  Are you offering a call to action or a suggestion for a solution?  How are you collecting your emails and leads to keep them for future email marketing?  Is communication dead or alive in your marketing in 2016 and beyond?

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Are you offering a call to action for your customers and leads to take action on your sales page, lead page or newsletter?  Click Here > Get More Information > Learn More > Get Your EBook >.  All of these call to action will get a response either yes or no to click on your button to become apart of your sales funnel.

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Your tone in your email marketing can be the difference in your open rate.  Your tone can be direct, suggestive and recommendation based.  The choice will determine if the lead opens your email.  The deciding factor is the headline tone and content.  Know your audience and interest of your email leads before sending out a new email.  As you start to market more and more your language will start to add value and the content will become better for your business.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross


There are different ways to market in the world of business.  The main idea is to keep working until you become the professional you want.  Email marketing is here to stay and only getting better if you look at the industry.  Ask yourself the question is communication dead or alive in your marketing in 2016. 

Mindset and thinking both will play a vital role in your dreams and goals in 2016.  Don’t let the two known dream stealers steal your dream.

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