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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Work From Home Ideas

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Work From Home Ideas – By Lorenzo Williams   As the end of 2015 comes to a close.  What work from home ideas will you start in 2016?  As you look at your life, finances and future.  What will you do different in the next 12 months that will make you have or be in

Home Based Business Ideas

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Home Based Business Ideas 2 – By Lorenzo Williams   What is a home based business ideas?  First let’s look at what is a home based business?  A business you can do from the comfort of your home.  Now let’s look at what ideas you can do from home.  You can sell baked goods, various

Online Business Ideas

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Online Business Ideas – By Lorenzo Williams How to get ready for next year by operating an online business ideas from the comfort of your home.  To have more time, enjoyment, freedom, while having more opportunity and value added in your life.    How to get started with your own online business ideas is only as

Internet Business Ideas

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Internet Business Ideas – Lorenzo Williams Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! The lights are bright for internet business ideas to flow and become gifts for the New Year.  The internet is busy with shopper and video being uploaded to show the wonderful gifts and fun on this very meaningful day for millions.  The internet business

Business From Home Ideas

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Business From Home Ideas – Lorenzo Williams During the holiday season business from home ideas are tossed around as our creative juices run wild.  We spend time celebrating the festive ideas and beliefs we all hold true.  The holidays are a time to stop and look at life from a glass ball that’s filled with

Easy Home Based Business

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Easy Home Based Business – Lorenzo Williams Christmas is an exciting time to look for an easy home based business.  Does the business exist in the world we live in today?  Today if someone tells you that something is easy run.  The stereotype of home based business is that you don’t have to do any

Veteran Resource Directory

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Veteran Resource Directory – Lorenzo Williams   As Christmas closes in on us. The veteran resource directory has grown larger than ever before. This time of year is critical for veteran resource directory to get the help needed to veterans during this holiday season.  As we look back at an amazing year of goals, dreams,

Family Caregiver Training Program

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Family Caregiver Training Program – Lorenzo Williams We are now five days from Christmas and family caregiver training program is a program that may be on the chopping block in the next year. The New Year will bring many changes for disabled veterans. The DAV and other strong veteran support organizations are in the fight,

Veteran Training Program

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  Veteran Training Program – By Lorenzo Williams   We are now six days from Christmas and veteran training program issues still are pending in congress.  The most likely debate in reference to programs for deserving veterans will linger on into the New Year.   The federal system is going to holiday hours and in

Veteran Training Support Center

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Veteran Training Support Center – By Lorenzo Williams   The war in the Middle East has put veteran training support center at the top of Veterans Administration (VA) list of priorities, having served in Desert Shield Desert Storm – Lorenzo Williams brings real life awareness to the topic.   The VA is looking for outside