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2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 1

2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 1 – By Lorenzo Williams


2016 SEO secrets for your blog will be the most used information you have run across to date. SEO is here to stay as long as Google is calling the shots and it seems they will be so get started in mastering the skill today. Click here to get a step ahead of the whiners and complainers. As the year 2016 starts and spring comes in with a vengeance with pollen, nasal issues, flu and allergy medicine becomes like your American Express Card (Never Leave Home Without It). How do you improve your blog and content to convert more leads to customers? That’s the real reason behind what all marketers do. Yes I said it, we are all here to create great content and reach the .05% of the people just like us.

2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 1

In this three part series I will review my top perspective on SEO and how you can start taking advantage of the vast search engines.

2016 SEO Secret for Your Blog

2016 SEO Secret for Your Blog

1. The secret sauce is your title tags. Your title tag holds a lot of weight in the search engines, so make sure you are using competitive keywords with your title tags.

2. Your URL size matters. Today there is a big question does size matter (Most woman in marketing would say yes it does and those in other fields would say no), but it does. Example works instead of

3. Using videos, pictures and images work in the search engines. The search engines love content and the content you provide helps you rank and ultimately help you convert leads. After you click this link continue reading to learn more about SEO secrets.

4. How do you use outbound links is also a key in the ranking of your blog and webpages on your website. Use link to other pages, blogs you have already published and education sites to help with SEO ranking.

What are you intentions for your blog and website? What are you intentions for changing your life? In the world of marketing change will come and your intentions will play a vital role in the brand you create. Your intentions will create and guide your steps. Be mindful of your intentions daily.


2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 1 can be turned into a checklist or system to help you nail down the basic need and wants of the search engines.

Will I’ve given you your 15 minutes of fame today, so enjoy your day and make life pleasant by watching this crazy and unedited video series by a few okay looking fellows, who have helped me reached insights that are increasing daily.

I was asked why did I join Six Figure Mentors? I reply with a simple and straightforward answer. My son. I want to just be able to go to the movies and to Red Lobster (his favorite place because of the cheddar biscuits) for lunch and just enjoy my time and laughter with him.

After watching the video series write down what you want most and give us a go and we will be able to help you achieve your goal.

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Lorenzo Williams – 2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog