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2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 2

2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 2 – By Lorenzo Williams


In the year 2016 life will change for many of us and the 2016 SEO secrets for your blog will be more important to help you convert visitors to leads and then customers. SEO is a way of life for marketers and website owners who are in the process of attracting the right people to their blog, websites and email marketing campaigns. Look at the future and how you can play a part in the new data driven systems of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Click here now to get access before the voice in your head tell you no. Use the voice in your head to help you attract customers. You were attracted to this blog. Make a choice now click here to join the new wave.

2016 SEO Secret for Your Blog

2016 SEO Secret for Your Blog

2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Parts 2


Taking the first step in your SEO training start now.


Lets review by going here

5. Using the keyword in your blog is a great way to get the attention of the search engines. Where to put the keyword is the issue many of us are having. Place the keyword in the beginning of your post. Like in this post.

6. Using the right heading size has become a challenge for all of us as Google, Bing and AOL change the platform at will. Using the right heading is another factor in getting the right traffic to your blog, site and email marketing. Using Heading 1(H1), Heading 2 (H2) and even Heading (H3) in your post. It’s a great practice to start putting your target word in H1. When possible also incorporate H2 and H3 tags with your target keyword throughout your post. The SEO gang of search engines like to see content in these tags.

7. I get a lot of replies stating your blog and website loads really fast. At first I was like what are they talking about. Then I noticed the difference when I was on a website that took seems like forever to load. How can you get your site to do the same for rankings with the search engines? Google has its own version of analyzing your blog and pages. Go here to find out how your page is loading. WordPress has a few plugins you can use also. I have included one for your pleasure WP Smush It.

Is Email Marketing Dead or on the Rise?

Is Email Marketing Dead or on the Rise?

As your forge your future in the SEO world and start attracting all the customers you want. Always stay close to Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL for what and how they look at SEO. Start by making you a system checklist to ensure you are doing the best practices for your blog, post and pages. Use the items in today’s blog and 2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 1 to help you get better results in your SEO rankings.

What decisions are you going to make today to help you achieve your SEO, email marketing and customer goals? What decisions are you making in your personal life to help you become the person you want to be? Last blog I talked about your intentions. Your intensions are a reflection of your decisions. Look at the decisions you make daily. What problem do you have that we can help solve? I solved a problem of getting my time back with my son. What are you looking to solve in 2016?

I love adding value to people and I want stop until I’m adding value worldwide. We are looking for people who want to change the world. Are you one of the people who want to join us in the pursuit of changing the world? Click here to join us now. The video series is a straightforward and true reflection of what we all can become in time. I often ask my son what the difference in someone who has been marketing or successful for the last ten years? He now replies with confidence time. Come spend time with us, I know you will love it.

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