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2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 3

2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog Part 3 – By Lorenzo Williams


2016 SEO secrets for your blog will help your boost in the search engines and your self-esteem. SEO has no changed according to Google and the way your page ranks are no out in the opening. The networking and marketing industry is buzzing with the news about Google. Take advantage of the current status of the industry and the amazing information that is out now to improve your blog and ranking in the web world.


As promised here are the last secrets to the amazing part 3 of the 2016 SEO secrets for your blog.


As a review click on 2016 SEO secrets for your blog.  Lets review by going here and

8. If you’re not using title tags in your blog, you may want to incorporate them ASAP. To take things a little further start adding modifiers to your tags and watch your ranking and visitors to your blog increase. Why you may be asking is that using modifiers to your long tall version of your target keywords will get some attention from the search engines. Example of modifiers like “best”, “guide” and even “2016”. Use your modifiers and start playing the game instead of being apart of the game of SEO.

9. As the social media explosion continues and the more social media platforms that are growing daily will leave you to question what buttons do I put on my site? The wait is over and the answer is what social media buttons make you happy. A word of caution is to include the mainstream social media buttons and include a few that are specific to your interest. Using the vast number of social media plugins for WordPress and if you’re still using html code to add the buttons. Today social buttons float on your page, run all over your page and even move as the reader reads your blog. Whatever buttons you choose make sure you have social buttons on your blog and website period.

10. In all of the 2016 SEO secrets for your blog, these is the least and most important at the same time. Today search engines what content, content and more content. How do we give the search engines the driver of the internet the content is small brief and long strands of words that make great content. A short and sweet answer is writing long content. So what the magic number of words to use or not to use in the blog you are writing. I say this as we start out writing our blog it make start out short and then all of a sudden a switch turns on and the content grows slowly getting longer and longer.   The gurus say that 1500 words a blog gets you the right length of content, but I beg the differ because I have read long boring content that has the word count and the content sucks. I have read a blog with less than 200 – 500 words and it has left me wanting more. So what the true grit answer it’s up to you to write great content on your blog daily. The more you write the longer and the better the content becomes over time. Ne bloggers make sure you are writing for your content or just starting out and it will increase over time.

11. As the secrets on SEO come and go there will always be a system that will work for you once you find it. Let’s address bounce rates and how we can avoid some of the bouncing and hopefully decrease the rate over time. Using external links to you blog is one way. Look at the sites that have an internal link all over their page and your say wow why so many, well the answer is simple to keep down the bounce rate. So add internal links to blogs and to your web pages on your site. Add the internal links and the top, middle and bottom of your blog. The magic is in the content always.

12. It’s a double duo of a bonus to hopefully add to your fight of SEO on your blog and web pages. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Now ask yourself how many clicks does it take to get to your blog from your home page. If it’s more than two or three clicks you lose points in the ranking system according to the search engines. A great idea is to add the links you want visitors to see to your top and sidebars. Your click through rate is another SEO secret that is not often talked about. The rate is based on your short and long tail keywords. Using Google Adwords to help you can make your life a little easier. Use your Adwords account to help you find competitive words to add to your blog or web pages will help with the CTR or click through rate.


In the final words of a poet, I have finished my masterpiece and will begin on another after a long walk or stroll for more inspiration of what value to add to you the reader and visitor of the blog that has continued to evolve and grow as yours will in the near future.


I love adding value to people and I want stop until I’m adding value to the worldwide. We are looking for people who want to change the world. Are you one of the people who want to join us in the pursuit of changing the world? Click here to join us now. The video series is a straightforward and true reflection of what we all can become in time. I often ask my son what the difference in someone who has been marketing or successful for the last ten years? He now replies with confidence time. Come spend time with us, I know you will love it.

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Lorenzo Williams – 2016 SEO Secrets for Your Blog


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