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2016 The Year of Stolen Dreams

2016 The Year of Stolen Dreams – By Lorenzo Williams


As May flowers bloom and the days become shorter once again, the question today is are you pursuing your dreams and goals?  2016 the year of stolen dreams is upon us and it will be a year of disappointment for 80% of dreamer.  Why is it that 80% of the people who dream of an idea, dream, product and venture to start will not even last 10 days before the thought is overpowered by a negative thought.  Yes the dream stealer is your thoughts.  Today with all the opportunity in the world, yet only 20% of the people will attain their dreams in 2016.  The main reasons two are mindset and thinking.  Let’s talk about the two close but unrelated issues today.



In 2016 the year of stolen dreams, mindset is the number one reason why you will not reach your goals for your product, service or your career.  Your mindset will either set you apart or have you join the crowd.  If you watch sports you will know who Michael Jordan is right.  Ask yourself have you ever seen Michael Jordan with a crowd of people?  The answer is NO.  Why because Michael Jordan is an individual first.  He was a great team player and leader and a individual.  To achieve your dreams you will have to become an individual.  Yes an individual, who can take hits, falls, and failure by you and take personal responsibility for the blows.  Ask yourself are you willing to take the blows day in and day out until you reach your dreams?  The 80% of the people are not willing to take the blows, so they give up and abandon their dreams and goals.  What are you going to do when you’re hit with a blow?  Mindset is just one part of the 2016 the year of stolen dreams.  The next is secret is thinking you carry with you day in and day out.  Let’s dive into the thinking process.





In 2016 the year of stolen dreams, thinking is number two and the most critical because we never stop thinking as long as we breathe we think.  How do we turn our critical thinking into a helpful team member?  Feed your thinking daily.  That’s right feed your thinking process so your not being caught of guard with unwanted thoughts.  One way is to learn meditation and though awareness.  What is thought awareness?  Thought awareness is knowing when to change a thought before it become magnetic.  Why did I say magnetic because your thoughts are magnetic in nature. What thought that continues shall bring more of the same toward you.  You hear people say I just can’t win today.  That is an example of thought magnetic.  The more you think it the more it happens.  How do we change this process?  By saying NO to those thoughts.  I remember when I was getting ready for a career from the fire department over to the safety career field.  I was in the shower at the fire station and the thought came to me that you are not leaving the firehouse.  I said no.  I’m leaving going into the safety field.  We have to say NO to our thoughts and people who may also give us the thoughts we don’t want.  In a nutshell the saying thoughts become things is a very true statement.  Look around you and know that everything you see came from a thought.


Mindset and thinking both will play a vital role in your dreams and goals in 2016.  Don’t let the two known dream stealers steal your dream.


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Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

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Lorenzo Williams – 2016 The Year of Stolen Dreams!


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