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//2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 2

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 2

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 2 – By Lorenzo Williams


Hopefully you enjoyed part 1, but the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer is a fantastic way to start your new journey to a new you. We are talking about water and all its splendor. Water is a basic building block for our bodies, so it will always help you naturally lose weight. How much water is recommended to drink daily? It is a recommendation to drink at least ten cups of water a day. I have my top ten ways to use water to ensure you get your ten cups of water.

Drink Ten Cups of Water A Day

Drink Ten Cups of Water A Day

All the recommendations in the 2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer is just that recommendations, always see a healthcare provider before starting any physical activity to ensure your body is able to handle the workload.

The 2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer awaits your review

  1. Drink a cup of water as soon as you get up in the morning. This will help with hydration and start you automatic flush system to work.
  2. Drink a glass of water with every meal, so if you’re eating 5-6 small meals a day drink a cup of water with before the meal or afterwards.
  3. Drink water while you workout with weights.
  4. Drink water while you perform cardio or fat burning exercises.
  5. Drink water every time you lick your lips and they feel chapped.
  6. Drink water with your shakes instead of milk.
  7. Carry around a gallon jug with you to remind you to drink water during the day.
  8. When you can drink cold water with your meals it helps your body speed up your metabolism to bring your body temperature back down to the desired temperature.
  9. Keep water by your bed at nighttime to ensure you drink during the night to help your body stay hydrated.
  10. The number 1 secret is to think of water as a need instead of a want. Find an additive to add to the water like green tea or mint tea.

Water is a need for life. Water is like air you can’t live without anyone of them.

Why are you looking to lose two pants sizes? What is your passion?

Your health is a key component to being able to exercise, work and live your passion. The passion you have in you can be achieved by having optimum health.

My passion is adding value to people daily in any form I can and I do it daily through my blog that I’m writing right now. What is your passion? Are you pursuing your passion? My goal is to help you pursue your fitness journey and your passion journey.

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Today I doing an inspection at a boat facility and the 7 people working there all go work out together. They buy cases of water and have to log the water they drink daily while at work. The owners ensure they have no heat related accidents due to water consumption. I experienced the Yeti Cooler first hand today. They put one bag of ice in the cooler on Monday at the beginning of the week and it last until Friday.

I was blown away because we teach you all that and more in Six Figure Mentors. Come join us in our exclusive community. Today support is 90% of the one thing why people leave companies, businesses and opportunities. It’s fun and relaxed over here come join us and make a few friends, get unlimited support, and most of all find how to find and follow your passion.

Let’s be health, passionate and positive everyday. We are Six Figure Mentors.

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Lorenzo Williams – 2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer

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