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2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 3

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 3 – By Lorenzo Williams

How do you really get to use the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer? The third installment is about calories. The main cause of weight gain is calories. The universal knowledge of weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. Here is a great website to estimate your calorie intake to lose the inches. Calorie Counter Website

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer

Let’s talk about how to measure calories. If you are looking at burning calories to lose inches remember the following advice. Carbohydrates are broken down into grams and 1 gram of carbohydrate is equal to your body burning 1 calorie. Protein is broken down the same way and 1 gram of protein is equal to your body burning 4 calories. To achieve the bikini ready and shirtless body you will need the knowledge from the previous sentences to help you achieve your weight and inches goals.

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer

Weight loss is always a huge topic on the cover of every magazine and newspaper. Losing inches comes down to calorie intake and how many calories you burn daily.

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Is losing weight your main goal towards a new you? What is another area in your life that you want to change like more money, more time or just the freedom?

Why are you looking to lose two pants sizes? What is your passion?

Your health is a key component to being able to exercise, work and live your passion. The passion you have in you can be achieved by having optimum health.

My passion is adding value to people daily in any form I can and I do it daily through my blog that I’m writing right now. What is your passion? Are you pursuing your passion? My goal is to help you pursue your fitness journey and your passion journey.

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Today I doing an inspection at a boat facility and the 7 people working there all go work out together. They buy cases of water and have to log the water they drink daily while at work. The owners ensure they have no heat related accidents due to water consumption. I experienced the Yeti Cooler first hand today. They put one bag of ice in the cooler on Monday at the beginning of the week and it last until Friday.

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Lorenzo Williams – 2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer

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