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2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 4

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 4 – By Lorenzo Williams

After three parts of a power packed 10 part series of the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer. We are about to embark on a journey into eating the right amount and calorie breakdown. In part three we talked about calories and the difference between protein and carbohydrates. The breakdown of how one gram of protein and carbohydrate and what it equals in calories burned by the body. Today we are going to breakdown the amount (grams) and how often we need or should eat carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates 2

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer

How we can lose the inches with the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer part 4 begins. When you read a nutrition label on food of any kind you see Carbohydrates. This a great website called Live Science it breaks down what carbohydrates are and the sources they come from and how the body uses carbohydrates. Click here to redirected to the Live Science website. Basically carbohydrates give your body energy to be used by your body. All carbohydrates are not of equal value. There are slow and fast absorbing carbohydrates. A slow absorbing carbohydrate is multi-grain pasta, brown rice or a sweet potato. Fast absorbing carbohydrate is banana, candy and a donut. The question that’s often asked is when to eat slow and fast absorbing carbohydrates? It always a recommendation to eat slow absorbing carbohydrates all day because the slower the absorption rate the hard your body has to work to burn the calories taken into the body. Which means your body works longer and in turn you lose more inches. After workouts is usually a great time to eat fast absorbing carbohydrates to help replenish the body quickly.

Hopefully you’re gaining some great knowledge from the information above and we are still just in part 4 of the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer. Let’s talk about how many carbohydrates your body needs a day. The breakdown works like this. Take your bodyweight and multiply it by 1. The answer will be the number of grams you need to consume daily of carbohydrates. Then divide it by the number of meals you will eat a day (5 or 6). That will be you number for carbohydrates per meal or you can just eat one carbohydrate with each meal.

Now let’s breakdown the number of calories you will burn eating 5-6 meals a day just from carbohydrates. Example: You weigh 115 pounds, so you will consume 115 grams of carbohydrates a day. Divided by six that totals 19 grams of carbohydrates per meal. Your body will burn 1 calorie for each carbohydrate you consume. Just in eating you will burn 119 calories a day. What if you worked out and burn 200 calories that day. You are already on your way to losing inches. Carbohydrates are an essential need for our body in moderation.

Losing inches is easy if your do the numbers and stay the course. That’s in life as we continue our journey in life stay the course.

Hopefully I have added value to you today with a straightforward approach to some great information and I’m looking forward to helping you in all your goals, personal, financial and growth as an individual.

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