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2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 5

2016 Top Ten Secrets to Losing Two Pants Sizes by Summer Part 5 – By Lorenzo Williams


Its exercise time in discovering, the 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer.  I’m often asked how long do I have to exercise and how often do I have to exercise.  The answer is an individual answer.  It depends on your goals.  If your goal is to get lean, you make workout longer periods.  If you’re looking to build muscle you may want to workout heavy with weights and do little cardio. Let’s break down exercise into three components: Cardio, Fat Burning and Weight Training.

Cardio Zone

Cardio Zone


The 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer is in full effect with summer just a month away.  What is Cardio and how does it help your body.  The word cardio is just short for cardiovascular, which means blood flowing back and forth to your heart and other major muscles.  There is a cardio zone that is preferred to keep your heart strong and healthy.  The cardio zone is 70-80 percent of your maximum heart rate.  The question is which is better for your goals.  Cardio is used for athletes who are into maintaining their current level of fitness.  Cardio training is also done in short periods rather than long-range training.  Cardio is an effect way to burn a lot of calories fast and in a short time frame.  CAUTION: Cardio uses a lot of carbohydrates and is not ideal for someone cutting carbs because your body starts to tap into your muscles for energy and muscle reduction will take place.  If you’re doing cardio training remember to eat carbohydrates with each and every meal.  Cardio training intensity level is between 4-6, meaning fast, quick and hard for 20- 30 minutes.

Cardio Training

Cardio Training

The 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer is a quick guide and recommendation that you can start a health plan with in 2016 right now.  I’m a personal trainer, walker and weight lifting junkie, so I understand that it’s hard to maintain the healthy lifestyle.  I have a saying and its simple and straightforward Let’s Move People!  Starting is always easy and the work comes when your time and energy is low.  Keep pushing and Let’s Move People.  I have also included links below to the first five 2016 top ten secrets to losing two pants sizes by summer.

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Hopefully I have added value to you today with a straightforward approach to some great information and I’m looking forward to helping you in all your goals, personal, financial and growth as an individual.

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