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3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today!

3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today – By Lorenzo Williams

What if I can tell YOU about 3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today? In today’s fast paced world how do you get into action in your business without pulling your hair out?

I had the pleasure of sitting in on training at the Air War College 10 years ago, while I was in the Air Force. The training talked about three ways the top generals stay in constant action during their day. I wrote down the entire presentation and even got the presentation for my files.

The Lt. Colonel only talked about three steps that the top generals use and I was blown away that there was only three.



3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination”


I will breakdown the 3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today?

  1. Write Down Your Daily Goals.
  2. Set Your Alarm on Your Smartphone.
  3. Start Early In The Morning.

I also created a video for you to see

…watch today’s video.

As You Wrap Up Today

Nobody’s perfect.  We’ve all had those thoughts about others at some point in our lives.  Or we’ve all allowed negative comments to derail us (at least I have in the past) and stop us from moving forward.  Just remember to:

  • Have awareness around how you’re feeling
  • Understand where those feelings come from
  • Realign yourself with who you want to be and where you want to go
  • Effectively execute moving towards your vision

And remember that only you can allow yourself to feel the way you do.  Each minute of each day is another chance to turn your day around.

Which 3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today is the most difficult for people to use and move forward in their business?

Make sure to comment below.  I’ve got my thoughts, but I’d love to hear your opinions!

Please share this post with anyone who might need it.  Thanks!

Let’s Move People,

Lorenzo Williams

Lorenzo (Safety) Williams


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3 Steps To Avoid “Procrastination” Starting Today