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9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 1

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 1 – By Lorenzo Williams




As I sit and think to myself about the amazing book I just finished called 9 Things A Leader Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud. I’m reminded of a few stories that come to mind. Fire Chief John Cook Stating, “To Always Know Your Resources” and Assistant Chief Joseph Reeves Stating, “ Always Take Care Of Your People No Matter What”. The fire department was apart of my life for 20 years and it still runs through my veins. That’s where my leadership and principles I still live by today where molded, sharpened and tested day in and day out.

Today I work as a safety professional by day and a marketing specialist by night and other waking moment I have. I’m like Batman, just no fighting crime. I help people who are seeking a part time income source or an alternative to their daily grind. This three part series about the book 9 Things A Leader Must Do is just a way to help and add value to You the reader. The book has changed how I look at things and situations. I can say I have changed some views that I have and I wanted to pass these views on to You.

In the book Dr. Henry Cloud calls the leaders in his book Déjà vu Leaders. I will stick with the same names. The first three things are straight forward and gets deep into your true passion for leadership. The three things I will discuss are:

  1. Evacuate Your Soil
  2. Yank The Diseased Tooth
  3. Play The Whole Movie



In Thing 1 – Evacuate Your Soul Dr. Cloud takes you on a journey of self-discovery into your soul and the desires you want for you and the people around you on a daily basis. Thing 1 is meant to tap into your deepest drive for you to become a leader. What drives you to become the Déjà vu leader? The Déjà vu leader has to understand his or her passion about people and his or her duty to those people, while still achieving his desires and keeping his drive. Thing 1 is all about listening to your heart and avoidance of risk is the greatest risk of all. Taking the jump of the cliff with an idea, though or even manning decision is what Déjà vu Leaders take on, while listening to their people.   In Thing 1 – The invisible becomes the visible and the creation process is awakened.




In Thing 2 – Yank The Diseased Tooth Dr. Cloud explains how a to get rid of the negative or bad stuff in your organization if you cant fix it. Can bad influences or negative people be rehabilitated the answer is yes. Déjà vu Leaders don’t waste time on negative energy, they shine a bright light on it and see if it wants to change or leave. Déjà vu Leaders understand time and return of investment. The time to change something is not worth it they scrap it or tear it down. In Thing 2 it’s about who, what and when you pull the plug on projects, people and processes. Déjà vu leaders understand and have a keen sense of awareness to change the future you must change or defeat a disease head on by bringing in hope, growth and change to the organization. In Proverbs (22;3) it states “that a prudent man sees danger and a simple man keeps going and suffer for it”. The best way to keep from having to Yank The Diseased Tooth Out” is to take care of issues, problems as they take place. Overlooking issues or problem creates a disease sometimes that cant be truly excavated because it has deep roots. In Thing 2 its all about ensuring future growth and taking on issues from day one.




In Thing 3 – Play The Whole Movie Dr. Cloud explains how the present day to day affairs of decisions and how they will affect the future. Decisions are apart of our daily lives and we are either making decision or someone is making them for us. I often talk to my son about being in the forefront of the new age of technology and being a CEO or a worker of a CEO. You can be the one making the best decision for you and the future or be at the mercy of someone who is no smarter than you and who may not care as you do for people. This weekend we watched the movie on Netflix called “Waffle Street”. In the movie the gentleman had to make some tough decision in his present situation to secure a future for his family through talks and help from a cast of different individuals he may not have meet in his normal day of life.   In the movie he stated that he learned what he didn’t want by working for other people and what his why was by looking at his decision. Déjà vu Leaders evaluate their decisions in the present for future returns. This is a profound part of Thing 3 “ Its not about three or four years seeming like a long time. It’s about where I will be in three to four years if I don’t do this”. The present is here and the future will come no matter what, we have to position ourselves to be able to take full advantage of the future to live, travel, enjoy and take care of the people we love the most. Déjà vu leaders are always looking at the present by making decision to foster a better tomorrow for their family, friends, co-workers and the World as a whole.


In part 1 of this three part series we have come to an end and the lessons learned are still up to us to experience what all Déjà vu leaders experience and that start with

Thing 1 – Evacuate Your Soul – (Proverbs 4:23) (Proverbs 14:8)

Thing 2 – Yank The Diseased Tooth (1 Corinthians 6:12) (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Thing 3 – Play The Whole Movie (Matthew 25:21)


In conclusion, we are all Déjà vu Leaders. Leaders evolve overtime after they have experienced life, people, situations and most of making decisions. Making decisions is a great way to earn your stripes as a Déjà vu Leader. In the military all déjà vu Leaders are thrown into the fire to see if they will burn or walk out of the fire and share their experiences with the world. The book “9 Things A Leader Must Do” is a testament to being in the fire and coming out clean as a new born baby. He said “You will experience fire, but I want let you be burned if you have faith in me”


Thanks for you time and patience in reading just a glimpse testimony of a true believer in Leadership and Faith.

Lorenzo Williams

Lorenzo Williams



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