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9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 2

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 2 – By Lorenzo Williams

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 2 – By Lorenzo Williams


As I Read, “9 Things A Leader Must Do” my thoughts and ideas for this blog are focused on a few stories. It’s a time to reflect on the weekend and how to make a few minor adjustments in my personal relationships, business and work. I’m at the table looking over a few bills and looking out over the pool. I see cows across the street, I hear a dog barking and think how grateful I am to be able to have the chance and honor to be writing this blog today. I have be blessed beyond measure with many adventures both good and great. I have a wonderful business that’s starting to grow and flourish. I’ve started working out in the morning and it has been working out just fine. I remember the voice of my mother “saying trust in him always” As these thoughts and emotions run through my mind. I think back to my life as a firefighter and waking up every day to clean the fire house for the on coming shift. The best part of the morning was the gathering of all us in the truck stalls talking and laughing about life and our many adventures that we had to do that day. I That though brings e to the reason of this blog “9 Things Leaders Must Do” Part 2.

In the book “9 Things a Leader Must Do” we will be briefly and thoughtfully going over a few key elements of Things 4, Thing 5, and Thing 6.

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In part 2 we are talking about how Déjà vu Leaders continue to improve on experiences in

Thing 4 – Put Superman Out Of A Job

Thing 5 – Embrace Your Inner Insect

Thing 6 – Earn A Black Belt in Hate


Thing 4 – Put Superman Out Of A Job

Thing 4 – Put Superman Out Of A Job was a not a new concept, but a mush needed approach for Déjà vu Leaders to take to become better at what we do. In the Air Force we had a “saying that as a supervisor our job was to make the next supervisor better and put yourself out of a job”. I first was like what. Then it started to make sense. Déjà vu Leaders look for ways to make people, processes, and production better. That helps keep evolution moving and also allowing leaders to step up and lead. Practicing leadership, responsibility and followership the Déjà vu Leader get freedom and success in all he or she touches. When a problem comes up you can tell the Déjà vu Leaders because they spring into action and start breaking down the communication, process, people and relationships that may be causing the issue. Superman never asked for permission to save someone, he just did it. That’s what Déjà vu Leaders do they “Just Do It”. I comes natural and always from a sense of loyalty to people, production and overall success of the team. I just had a conversation with my son who is a freshman in college and the one thing I said leaders do well is ask for help. Most people see asking for help as a crutch or feeling needy. Asking for help allows other to see you as real. Superman would often ask for help from the police and firefighter to rescue someone. He sometimes needed crowd control or a ladder truck to be extended in a window to get people out of a building. Imagine if superman dint ask for help, how many people would die in the movies. We can learn a lot from a leader like Superman. In Thing 4 its all about just doing something and make a move then allow God to help you with the rest. Ask for Gods favor on your job, family life and in your daily walk and watch it always turn out the best for you. Thing 4 is all about just being involved, Thing 5 is a little different like an insect.


Thing 5 – Embrace Your Inner Insect

Thing 5 – Embrace Your Inner Insect in you and watch your world change. We see insects all over the place like our car window, on the ground, on our backs, biting our legs and flying in the food at times. How much can an insect carry? They say an insect can carry 10 times its weight. I can see why they say that by looking at the building they accomplish. Déjà vu Leaders accomplish great things by taking small steps overtime. In our day-to-day lives we look at the sluggard in our lives. The sluggard life style is one step a day to get to the 100 steps needed to get the task, goal and ultimately your dreams. I’m in the safety field and the one thing I look at is a Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Program. In the LOTO program it’s a step by step process to ensure the employee hands and body is not put in a position to be tangles in a piece of machinery. The step-by-step process is the same no matter the equipment. Déjà vu Leaders understand all success is built just like a house one brick, one step, and one yard at a time. Déjà vu Leaders no matter what they are working on understand that all things grow a little at a time, the universal laws are at work when you don’t see them. In Thing 5 –Embrace Your Inner Insect in you. Do some research and find what insect you are and why you embrace that species of insect. Thing 5 teaches us things are done is small yet powerful processes little by little, but Thing 6 moves us into the fight to create things and passions based on what we hate the most.



Thing 6 – Earn Your Black Belt In Hate

Thing 6 – Earn Your Black Belt In Hate is a slogan that had me puzzled. I have been pushing against hating anything or to just think about the good. To hate is such a strong word. I guess I hear the word used so mush in complaining that it negates the word to no meaning until I read Thing 6 in the book “9 Things A Leader Must Do”. Hating the right things well turn into passion to change your world around you. I never knew hating something could be health for your soul and mind. Its not just hating, but hating something for a reason like racism, obesity, food waste, education processes, and hunger for a better tomorrow. To hate is to build character, to build resolve and build faith in you. Hate has a way of moving us to against traits, structure, politics, human rights and issues that deserve our attention and time. Hate helps us protect what we value and love. Hate helps us to destroy the bad things in our society that threatens the good will of all men. Hatred is sometimes taught or learned by our exposure until it knocks on our door. When it knocks and it will in time. Its to late to be a preventative of the things that we saw coming and turned away and thought its not me. When we operate in operation mode of hatred we are already fighting a uphill battle and we can’t see what on top of the hill.   In the fire department we never wanted to be caught in a valley our on top of a hill in a wild land fire because fire moves faster up hill. That’s why we have to take a stand and hate the things that take lives, values, people and issues that turn us against each other, only in the preventative stages of the hatred. Only working together with other Déjà vu Leaders can we accomplish this long term strategy. Thing 6 teaches us that hate is apart of life and only leaders willing to take a stand will help the world heal and come together through hatred.


Thing 4- Putting Superman Out Of A Job (Ask God’s Blessing on your work.)
Thing 5 – Embrace Your Inner Insect (Leaders achieve big goals by taking small steps over time
Thing 6 – Earn Your Black Belt In Hate (Proverbs 6:16-19) (Romans 12:9)


In conclusion, we have gone from Thing 4 – “Putting Superman Out Of A Job” to Thing 5 “Embracing Our Inner Insect” to Thing 6 “Earning a Black Belt In Hate”. Déjà vu Leaders take on the issues of the day and take responsibility when things and issues are not working, by making moves, taking small steps, and hating the things that devalue or loved ones. The issues of today will be solved by Leaders and not just any leader but Déjà vu Leaders.


Lorenzo Williams

AUTHOR: Lorenzo Williams

Lorenzo Williams teaches online courses, safety workshops and consulting for small businesses, safety professionals, leadership training and entrepreneurs who want to grow their safety and health management system. The Safety Guy Training Series is coming soon to help change your company’s safety culture and the world. He has also 1000’s of inspection under his belt in construction, general industry and agriculture. Lorenzo’s straightforward recommendations can help your company. Listen and subscribe at Get Free Resources Now!



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