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//9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 3

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 3

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 3 – By Lorenzo Williams



Leadership Calling

What is Leadership? An age old question that has many answers and opinions. In the book “9 Things Leaders Must Do” we learn that issues are solved by a few leaders who are willing to put relationships on the line and even people who are not taking their part in the process serious. Déjà vu Leaders are the leaders of the present and future.

Final Thoughts

In Part Three of “9 Things Leaders Must Do” we are looking at the three most powerful things leaders must do to stay in the status of being a Déjà vu Leader. As the saying goes that’s why we saved the best for last. Dr. Cloud has turned a lot of my thoughts, values and principles 360 degrees with the book “9 Things Leaders Must Do”. The last installment of this three part series is a full lecture all by itself. It could be a movie and sale a few tickets on Broadway. In the Things 7 – 9 we dive head first into a sea of sharks and these three things will get you out alive. So lets dive in.



Things 7 – Forget About Playing It Safe

Things 7 – Forget About Playing It Safe is a tribute to all the inventions, companies and people who went against the grain and made life better for us all. Henry Ford with the T-model, the Wright Brothers flying at Maxwell Field and Martin Luther King and his relentless focus and eye on the prize posture. Déjà vu Leaders give back more than they give. When we here that’s only fair in conversation that means someone took the low road and dint push hard for what is right and just. Déjà vu Leaders don’t play is safe they go all out stepping the strategy out for future progress that they might not be around to see. In the “I Have A Dream Speech” Martin Luther King said, “I may not be here to see it”. We can look back through history and see the innovative discoveries made by Nikola Tesla today in almost every working engine. Being Fair is good, but fair does not work; good people fail at something everyday because they played fair. Get past your own need and see the need of others and you will get your goal achieved through helping others. Being fair get you close to the finish line, but doing something for someone else gets you in the winners circle and influence to continue to make an impact of your community and the world. Don’t play fair, play the game right. So often we want a fair shake at something, but it may not be what’s best for the entire process. We have to play the game right to make the difference. We have a system in the place, universal laws and Gods presence all around using. Use the system in place to get the fruit and abundant life you want. Take the right steps and play to win in the game of life. In Thing 7 –Forget About Playing It Safe is a great way to stay on track with your dreams and goals only you can see. In Thing 8 we forge a new price to looking in the mirror and being humble.



Thing 8 – Quit Self Exaggerating

Thing 8 – Quit Self Exaggerating is a very real and serious issue among leaders today. Leadership is about being a servant of the people. John Maxwell calls it “Servant Leadership” serving other first and putting you last. It’s the humility that made the money not the product or service offered. The Déjà vu Leader knows what he doesn’t know and what he needs to improve to become better. Déjà vu Leaders don’t act like they know everything. The ego has to be in check and under a microscope at all times because we learn from the people around us and then implement the changes to be successful. Deja Vu Leaders practice humility day in and day out, while give praise and awards to their team and leaders. When you look at a 4 Star General and read their bio and it has 10 bases or post they have gone to on their way to becoming a 4 Star General they have been put into the fire by their peers and leaders they help them become better fathers, mothers, leaders, listeners and counselors on the way to the top of their careers. Humility is a character building skill that Déjà vu Leaders have and are quick to give credit to others for the work they may get credit for as a goal. Being Humble is about giving to others, while earning their loyalty and respect. In Thing 8 being humble is a desired trait among Déjà vu Leaders and it’s a skill that can be learned by watching other Déjà vu Leaders. Thing 9 Takes us to the polls of positioning ourselves as the fall guy.


Thing 9 – Ignore The Popularity Polls

Thing 9 – Ignore The Popularity Polls is among the hardest and most beneficial of the “9 Things Leader Must Do”. Déjà vu Leaders don’t make decision based on fear, opinions or reactions from others. Look at Congress today we have a host of different people in Congress and all are making the same decision based on what fear, opinions and reaction of their counterparts. Going against the popular vote in the office, at home and in business meetings can be uneasy and stressful. I look at three things when I make a decision: 1 Can I go to sleep tonight based on the decision I just made. 2. Can I look myself in the mirror and love what I see everyday. 3. Can I look at my son and tell him the decision I made and feel great about it. I was known for going against what wasn’t right in the fire department. Did it cost me promotions, money and friends? Yes it did, but I slept great every night and was able to look at the people who I fought for with love and respect for my actions. My son often ask me what would I do different and I say nothing because in second or minute changed may alter me having him and nothing is worth that. Déjà vu Leaders have no issue confronting people, process and institutions. The Déjà vu Leader is the rock in the garden that will be there after the storm and when the storm is going on no matter the weather. Being popular is a choice and that choice is not in the best interest of Déjà vu Leaders. In Thing 9 its all about your values being challenged, your respect you have earned, your dignity being hit over and over. When Jesus was beaten over and over again he could have stopped and said I’m not the son of God, but what and where would we be today with out him standing up against popular opinion and reactions? Even when his closes disciples decided to go with popular opinion he didn’t. Life lessons are all around us, we just have to be open to learning and growing.

Th Last Three Things Are Powerful and Key To Becoming A Deja vu Leader

Thing 7 – Forget About Playing Fair

Thing 8 – Quit Self – Exaggerating

Thing 9 – Ignore The Popularity Polls

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Thing 2 – Yank The Diseased Tooth

Thing 3 – Play The Whole Movie

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Wrapping Up “The 9 Things A Leader Must Do”

In conclusion, we have gone from Thing 1 to Thing 9 and the book is amazing to read, but you have a great summary and a detailed shortcut to help you become a Deja vu Leader.  Déjà vu Leaders take on the issues of the day and take responsibility when things and issues are not working, by making moves, taking small steps, and hating the things that devalue or loved ones. The issues of today will be solved by Leaders and not just any leader but Déjà vu Leaders.

Lorenzo Williams

AUTHOR: Lorenzo Williams

Lorenzo Williams teaches online courses, safety workshops and consulting for small businesses, safety professionals, leadership training and entrepreneurs who want to grow their safety and health management system. The Safety Guy Training Series is coming soon to help change your company’s safety culture and the world. He has also 1000’s of inspection under his belt in construction, general industry and agriculture. Lorenzo’s straightforward recommendations can help your company. Listen and subscribe at Get Free Resources Now!

Quote For Today

Our Attitude Towards Others Determines Their Attitude Towards Us.

Earl Nightingale

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