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Average Entry Level Salary Bachelor’s Degree

Average Entry Level Salary Bachelor’s Degree – by Lorenzo Williams


The average entry level salary bachelor’s degree is around $20,000 – $46,000 dollars a year.  Lets look at the benefits of having a degree.  You have a degree and four to eight years of putting in time, money and effort.  The average entry level salary bachelor’s degree is working in a career field that’s not associated with their major or minor of what their degree is in.  The thought of putting in the time, money and effort to just make wages that is just enough to be in a JOB or Just Over Broke. Life has been told to us that you have to or you are supposed to work hard, get a degree and live the American Dream.  What is the American Dream today?  Look around in the grocery store, gas station, work and hear the vast amount of people looking sick and acting tired of their great life.  Is it a great life?  I say yes because we can choose differently if we don’t like what we have produced in our lives.


Today we are working longer years to retire with that amount of money in retirement that we think will last for years after we retire.  The real question is what do we really need to retire?  What do you want to have for your next chapter of your life?  Are you satisfied now with the life you have?  What is the one thing you would change now about your life?  All the questions that we are hoping we don’t have to answer because reality starts to tell us the truth about our partner, lover, kids, job, and retirement status.


Today we started a 12-month long process to help develop all the people that attended Breakfast By The Pool.  The three that came to the dialogue/conversation meeting was amazed at the information and knowledge that was taking away from the meeting.  The others that didn’t make it truly missed out on the next step to a new you.  What does it take to make a decision to take steps to become a better person?  My some made a profound statement today and he said it takes good deeds and sacrifice to obtain your angel wings.


As we get ready for football, TV, dinner and other family/entertainment activities let’s remember those that can’t be with family and loved ones today.  How can we earn more with our time, money and effort to help our family live a better life?  The answer is underneath your fingertips, just click the links in the blog you are reading and start getting some FREE information to open your eyes to the new digital economy and take action today.  The average entry level salary bachelor’s degree will only take you so far, we must take steps to attain more through building skills sets and building relationships now.



Let me say thank you for all the encouraging words and advise I receive in the comments.  I will be replying to each post, so give me some time please.


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