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Blogging Features

 Blogging Features – by Lorenzo Williams

Today you can find different content on blogging features all over the World Wide Web as stated by Optimus Prime of the Autobots.  The blog you create will be your signature mark on the World.  The blogging features are not as ways the same as you surf the World Wide Web.  I have a few recommendations for your new blog on the best blogging features to help you get your blog recognized by the search engines.

Blogging Features

Blogging Features

The blogging features include and are limited to:

Blogging Title – which allows you to label your post.

Example: Blogging Features in H1/Heading 1 or Georgia 20

Blogging Heading – which is the same as your blogging title.

Example: Blogging Features – by Lorenzo Williams in H2/Heading 2 or Georgia 15

Body – this is the content of your post.

Example: Body is in Georgia 10.5

Permanent link – this is the URL at the top of the page under your blogging title, so when blog is published on the World Wide Web.  Every article that you write has an URL.


Comments – this allow readers to post comments on your blog.

Your Voice Make It Count

Your Voice Make It Count

A great recommendation is to be consistent with the blogging features on your blog.  The search engines like consistency on pages and they will look for consistency on your blog.

Today is the day to start taking step on writing, editing, previewing, and publishing your own unique blog.  I have laid out the blogging features for you to begin and get the best search engine optimization for your website and blog.

Start by finding a great hosting and website platform, I use Digital Bloggers and Digital Business Lounge.  You can start by signing up and start blogging.  Keep coming back to my site in the next week I will layout blogging and the structure of a blog in the next week.

I’m here to help you get started.  Just follow my lead until you can do it on your own.  We have a motto at Six Figure Mentors – “Learn -Do – Teach”.

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Let me say thank you for all the encouraging words and advise I receive in the comments.  I will be replying to each post, so give me some time please.

Living The Dream

Living The Dream

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