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//Blogging Structure For Search Engines

Blogging Structure For Search Engines

Blogging Structure For Search Engines  – by Lorenzo Williams

In the amazing fast and growing blogging and video search using the many different search engine platforms, Google remains at the top.  Why prepare your blog and video for Google?  Google owns a high percentage of the Internet search engine around the globe.  A blogging structure for search engines is the key to getting visitors to your site.


Laptop Lifestyle

Laptop Lifestyle


Blogging structure for search engines can be a little tricky and can hurt your ranking if not done properly.  I’ll be giving a few recommendations to help you get better traffic to your website.

Key Words

Key word usage in the blog you are writing is the first step in getting the search engines to recognize your website.

I recommend the Digital Bloggers blogging platform that use WordPress.

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 There are two types of keywords

  1. 1.     Short Key Words – one or two words together – example – search engine
  2. 2.     Long Key Words – three or more words – example – lead generation for schools

When setting up your blogging structure for search engines using long key words are your best option for the search engines.


Another key facture is consistency.  The search engines continue to look for consistent blog structure.  Set up a template for your blog and start blogging today.  Using the key word in your blog at least 5-7 times will also help you get noticed by the search engines.

blogging structure for search engines

blogging structure for search engines


Using the right format is another secret to the blogging structure for search engines.

  1. 1.     Bold – First Key word
  2. 2.     Italicized  – Second Key Word
  3. 3.     Underline – Third Key Word
  4. 4.     Bold and Underline – Fourth Key Word

The blogging structure for search engines is here for you to put into your blog.  Use this knowledge and grow your blog. As your learn the steps to making your blog better share your knowledge with others and add value to someone today.


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