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Daily Blogging As A Free Marketing Method

Daily Blogging As A Free Marketing Method – by Lorenzo Williams


If you want your blog to catch the attention of the search engines daily blogging as a free marketing method is what you are after.  When you have created your blog, gathered information, selected the product or products you wish to market.  Creating a time to do daily blogging as a free marketing method is essential to your increase in traffic.


Blogging is Fun

Blogging is Fun


Create a time of the day where you can sit and just start to type and don’t worry about typos just type.  Go back after the rough draft and fix the errors.  Read you post out loud to hear the words come off the page and sing a melody to your ears or it may sound like cats in a alley.  Thats okay, just take the time and fix the melody until you get what you want.


I recommend on doing to drafts and publish your work.  Why two drafts because you don’t want it to be perfect, flawless, or robotic.  Remember you can’t sail to the Caribbean Islands in one day.  Just get into action and start blogging.  The goal is to get into daily blogging as a free marketing method to get traffic to your site as soon as possible.


Be You

Be You

Set a timer for 30 minutes for a month each day to start and finish your blog.  Daily blogging as a free marketing method has to become a daily ritual.

Start by finding a great hosting and website platform I use Digital Bloggers and Digital Business Lounge.  You can start by signing up and start blogging.  Keep coming back to my site in the next week I will layout blogging and the structure of a blog in the next week.

I’m here to help you get started.  Just follow my lead until you can do it on your own.  We have a motto at Six Figure Mentors – “Learn -Do – Teach”.

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Let me say thank you for all the encouraging words and advise I receive in the comments.  I will be replying to each post, so give me some time please.

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Lorenzo Williams – Daily Blogging As A Free Marketing Method

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