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Does Age Matter When Looking for a Great Community?

Does Age Matter When Looking for a Great Community? – By Lorenzo Williams


My son asked me a question yesterday and it had to do with age and how it plays in the community you associate and live in.

Answer The Question

Answer The Question

Does age matter when looking for a great community?

This question lead to an hour conversation about people and how age is only a number because we can learn, adapt and thrive with any age in our community. We both came to an understanding that age has been a great reminder to live life now. In the community we live in now we have different age ranges from the 20’s to the early and late 60’s. We have postal service professionals, safety professionals, real estate agents, business owners, pastors, teachers, electricians, plumbers and managers of all sorts in our community. Why did I name all the ages and professions because we all know each other. Community is about getting to know each other. I have to communities I’m apart of one in person and one online with Six Figure Mentors.

Does age matter when looking for a great community?


Does Age Matter When Looking for A Great Community?

Does Age Matter When Looking for A Great                           Community?


My 18 years old son is now apart of Six Figure Mentors and going through the process to understand how to build lasting relationship in person and online. He has taken a big jump into a different world of building and getting to know the community of a different kind. Does age matter when looking for a great community online? No. The online community is a little different in that you can talk, see and hear the person and may never touch or even have dinner with them. Hence the word may. In the world today with airplanes and transportation being so vast and accessible you can meet today online and have dinner the next day or two with that person. I was in Walgreens filling a prescription. The pharmacist and I started talking about online gaming and how he builds pc systems in his spare time for his daughter and son to play with people all over the world. We talked about the real estate online is none existent because a person in Australia is like a next-door neighbor. The community online is made up of all ages, races, groups, loves, dislikes and passionate people.

Does Age Matter When Looking for A Great Community?



Does age matter when looking for a great community online?

Our community at Six Figure Mentors is a straightforward community of passionate individuals that have come together for one reason freedom. What is freedom to you? Our community has freedom of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Freedom is a true reflection of the individual. Freedom for me is different than yours and we can both have freedom in the Six Figure Mentors community.

A question for you is are you in the right community to help you grow personally, professionally, and as a individual?


We are here with open arms ready and waiting on you to come join us in our thriving and loving community. In Six Figure Mentors money is a by-product of the community. We value you the individual choice to be who you want to be and then we educate you from the mind, body and spirit. We offer meditation classes to help you enjoy life and restore your well being. Life is great in the Six Figure Mentors community for life, lifestyle and success on your terms.


Love Your Community


The question is are you ready to be apart of our community?

We have all ages, races, backgrounds and different countries coming on board everyday.

We are looking for to you making a choice to join us in our community.

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 Does age matter when looking for a great community?

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