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How To Market To Your Market and Influence People

How To Market To Your Market and Influence People – by Lorenzo Williams

Learning to market is easy with the right coaching and action. Learning how to market to your market and influence people is all apart of building relationships and adding value to the people you come into contact with while marketing. The number one thing is having the right content for the market you’re attracting to your marketing ideas. How can you influence the market you are attracting? Build trust, add value and have something to say that is brief, usable and meaningful.


Your market is waiting for you to capture their attention with your content. Your market is also searching for you at the same time your seeking them. Learning how to market to your market and influence people is all about you being patient, consistent and always having something to give to the market.


Story Time


I told my 18-year-old son a story from back when I was in Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield Desert Storm. I had the pleasure of being station at Eskan Village and worked at Riyadh Air Base. I was an Airman First Class a two striper and TSGT Beach was a seasoned veteran in fire protection. We where working out in a tent that served as a weight room on in Eskan Village. It was 95 degrees and dust was everywhere. You had to wipe the equipment off every time before you used it. This was my second time working out with TSGT Beach and I was still a little timid and unsure of the relationship at the time. He asked me was going for Below The Zone? Below The Zone is when you have a chance to get promoted 8 months early based on your performance, work, and your off duty accomplishments. I said yes when I get back to Maxwell AFB in Alabama. TSGT Beach asked me was I studying for SSGT? I stated yes. At the time I was only a Airman First Class or a two striper. TSGT Beach asked me if I wanted to make rank the first time testing and I said yes. He then asked me one question. How many hours are you studying? I said 30 minutes to an hour a day. TSGT Beach said you would make when you have 7-8 years in, but not the first time. I said why? TSGT Beach said you are not putting in enough hours to be the best, if you want to be average keep studying like you are, but if you want to be a first time SSGT you should be studying three to four hours a day. I said three to four hours a day with a puzzled look on my face. TGST Beach said yes with a smile and grin on his face. He said when everyone is sleep you should be studying, when everyone is sleep in the morning you should be up studying, on the weekends, holidays do you get the picture. I said yes. I learned a valuable lesson that day in the weight room while lifting weight with TSGT Beach, who would become a mentor and friend over the next 20 years. That lesson was passed to my son tonight. It was put in the work and the rank, position, money, influence, travel and the ability to change the world will come.

The last step in learning how to market to your market and influence people is time, money and effort. TME as I call it will always be apart of anything you do in life.

You want to date, open a business, get educated or change the world it will take time, money and effort.

Marketing is easy just be you and the market that you seek is also seeking you.

When marketing to the right people you will succeed and having a system to help you is also very important. I use a system called Six Figure Mentors and it will help you develop the skills, while learning the basics and moving to the advance formula to marketing to the right people.

Life is not always about the money. The journey is just as important.

Love life, become a student of life and people. Serve humanity and it will take care of you. Until next time stay true to you and love yourself and let them watch.

You will find different system out in the marketing world. The best can cost you from $100.00 to $200.00 a month. That may not cover all the bells and whistles. I found a system that has it all and it comes with all the bells and whistles. In my opinion it’s the best value for you money and its 50% the cost of other systems. There is more, it has a vast video library to show you how to us the system and how to find the right group for YOU. I have found my group through the system. The system is an educational system that allows you to learn on your own time and the value is tremendous.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

The system is called Six Figure Mentors. Six Figure Mentors is a system that is ready to use day one when you have access. The one thing I love about Six Figure Mentors is that everyone can’t get in to the system. The application process is designed to only give access to the right group of people who are serious about education and learning.

I joined the team in November that has shown me a new way to learn new skills for the future. I have been learning Facebook, Blogging, You Tube and how to own and run my own business. It’s been work and I look forward to the next week as my skills grow and I teach what I have learned.

The owners of Six Figure Mentors Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross have put together a system that can be used day one. The learning and skills you build in Six Figure Mentors is priceless.

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I recommend Six Figure Mentors as the online business of choice. Why Six Figure Mentors? Six Figure Mentors gives you the latest and greatest online marketing platform. Six Figure Mentors has a different approach than most online businesses. The first thing is you’re in control of your business. You build your business by short decisive actions that are manageable for your time. Six Figure Mentors allows you to hit the ground running with a system that has been tested and used by people earning six figures right now.   Six Figure Mentors has a step-by-step system that if you put it together it would cost you millions to just get to the starting point. The system is designed to allow you to learn in bite size chunks of information.


Six Figure Mentors Motto is simple “Learn – Do – Teach”.

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How To Market To Your Market and Influence People

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