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//Life After Military Retirement

Life After Military Retirement

Life After Military Retirement – By Lorenzo Williams


Its 5am in the morning and I’m up starting my day.  I can’t sleep past 7am or I feel I’m missing something.  It’s hard to change a good habit, but what about changing a bad one?  I’m considering a big breakfast or a few slices of toast.  After being apart of the military for 20 years and traveling the world with a purpose and mission always in the front of you.  When do you stop asking for a purpose or a passion that continues to wake you up each day?  My passion and purpose starts with Love.  Love of God, Family and most of all myself.  Yes, myself.  Living life after military retirement is a challenge.  The challenge isn’t what you will do, but what you want to do with your time, money and effort.  Living each day with passion for Love is what wakes me up everyday.

Love is it still around you?  I say yes look outside your door or window and you will see the Love that has continued for thousands of years.  The question is do we appreciate the Love that has been shown or yet given to us by God and the Universe. How will you start your day?  Are you going to go through today and not say thank you or be grateful for the time you have today.  Yesterday doesn’t matter anymore its gone.  The only time that matters is right now.  The fun, the sleep and the party is done.

I ask you the question what are you going to say to someone that will add value to their life.  Who will you tell for the first time (I Love You – momma, mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter) even if you don’t hear it back?  Love is contagious, so start sharing Love today.  We are Love.  As I reflect on my momma and her strong presence and smile.  I’m encouraged to do what I can with what I have starting today.  I choose love for life after military retirement and all those who are serving our great country (men, women, young, old and retired).  Service is not just in the military, lets not forget the service of teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, servers and everyone that provides a service to you during your daily walk of life).

Who would have ever known that life after military retirement would be this great.  Get into action today doing something you want to do.

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Though of the Day: “We are Measured by the things we don’t have to do.”

“To Be or Not To Be” is the question, so get into action now.

Lorenzo Williams – Life After Military Retirement


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