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Love Your Veteran

Love Your Veteran – By Lorenzo Williams

Love Your Veteran because the life we live come with a sacrifice. As politics cover the news, social media and the world. Today take the time to reflect on the local community, city, state and country you live in. Having an attitude of gratitude is more than just a saying it’s a way of life that can and will change your thought pattern that will change you and how you look at the things that seem so big in your life. Love Your Veteran Today!

Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors

Today the Department of Defense employs more military members than any other organization today. At the same time we have veterans who are living with some baggage from their military careers. Love Your Veteran for giving up their time, family and some even the ultimate sacrifice.

Looking at the word sacrifice, what are you sacrificing for your family to have the best? Where are you putting your time to giver your family the best life possible today?

No matter where you are you have to start somewhere. I remember as a kid I had a reading comprehension issue and I needed help, the blessing of having a few teachers to help me was a life changing event for me, so even to this day I’m grateful to them.

Ask yourself what’s holding you back from starting a new day tomorrow?

Is it time? Is it money? Is It Fear? I can say I have those same issues you have. I was in a place that I asked myself what can it hurt, I’m already down and I’m not dead. I started looking at Les Brown video on YouTube and this guy keep popping up asking me questions. I was getting frustrated with these pop ups. I was like if he pops up one more time I’m done for the day, but he didn’t.

The next day he we go again another pop up, but earlier that day I read something that said pay attention to something you may have seen two or three times. I though to my self if he pops up again I’m going to watch and see what he’s talking about and I did.

That was my life changing moment. I had started a business that I shut down, my marriage was over after 16 years, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and another relationship of two years was ending. I had the one spark that kept me alive my son. Looking in his eyes everyday kept me moving forward.  My brothers and sisters were there also.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

This guy changed my life, he made sense and what he was saying was doable and now I had to make a decision to act or stay in my not functioning state of mind.

Why I recommend Six Figure Mentors, the community, the step-by-step instruction and support. Come Join Us Now! I’ve learned things and have a direction that’s unstoppable.

It’s a choice to be great, what is your choice. I will see you soon

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Lorenzo Williams – Love Your Vetran

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