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Starting an Online Business in 2016


 Starting an Online Business in 2016 – By Lorenzo Williams

I was told today that most businesses started online are scams.  I asked her a simple question, have you ever started a business or an online business and she replied no.  Starting an online business in 2016 is easier today than it has ever been before.

The Solution to the Problem

The Solution to the Problem

Starting an online business in 2016 is as easy as writing a blog, marketing, selling products from your own home that you find no use for anymore.  A business today is about what problem you can solve.  If you look at any tradition brick and mortar business they all solve a problem that you can’t do yourself.  Look at Amazon and Best Buy they both serve as a solution to a problem.  The one issue or problem is how fast you want the item you need to solve your problem.  I explained the one thing that separates a scam is the value the product, service or information you pay for.  The test is does it solve your problem and has a profit been made from the sell or purchase.  This was a defining moment today because the person started talking about blogging and the social networking.  I recommend to her that everything that we have solves a problem for some and not all.  Everything created was not created for everyone to use or consume.

Starting an Online Business in 2016

Starting an Online Business in 2016

Starting an online business in 2016 is the only way you can have freedom and enjoy the benefits of that freedom.

What are you starting an online business to accomplish?

Do you want freedom to choose how you start your day?

When are you going to solve a problem the World has?

What are you going to create that will solve a problem of millions of people throughout the World?

How soon will you change the World with your problem solver?

How soon are you starting your online business?

How much time are you going to invest n to your problem solver?

Are you directing your time for a profit?

If you answered yes to any one question above, you’re ready to begin the journey to a better tomorrow.

Join US in the abundant life and help solve the problem of millions.  Let us show you that starting an online business in 2016 can be a joyous and abundant lifestyle.

Six Figure Mentors is here and waiting for you to take the first step because we love helping people solve the problem of the World.

Do you want to learn how to blog, market on Facebook, market on You Tube, and learn from true professionals, that’s us Six Figure Mentors.  Six Figure Mentors can and will help YOU.

Are you willing to watch a video and implement what you learn from that video?  That’s how easy Six Figure Mentors and living the abundant life will be for YOU.

Six Figure Mentors has helped thousands of people, just like him and just like you, to earn as they learn and escape the rat race forever.

Who is Stuart Ross?  Stuart Ross can help you build a quality Internet business with multiple streams of online income.

I recommend Six Figure Mentors as the online business of choice.  Why Six Figure Mentors?  Six Figure Mentors gives you the latest and greatest online marketing platform.  Six Figure Mentors has a different approach than most online businesses.  The first thing is you’re in control of your business.  You build your business by short decisive actions that are manageable for your time.  Six Figure Mentors allows you to hit the ground running with a system that has been tested and used by people earning six figures right now.   Six Figure Mentors has a step-by-step system that if you put it together it would cost you millions to just get to the starting point.  The system is designed to allow you to learn in bite size chunks of information.

Six Figure Mentors Motto is simple “Learn – Do- Teach”.

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Lorenzo Williams – Starting an Online Business in 2016

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