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Super Bowl Sunday Motivation

Super Bowl Sunday Motivation – By Lorenzo Williams


Today is Super Bowl Sunday Motivation for two reasons the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  The motivation and sacrifice on and off the field that is required of the players, coaches, and staff just to get to the Super Bowl is superb to say the least.

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

As we watch the two teams battle for the title of Super Bowl Champion.  The main headline tomorrow will be not about the years of dedication, sacrifice, missed parties, missed birthdays, and missed family gatherings and sleepless nights.  Super Bowl Sunday Motivation is about the World paying attention for four to six hours to the most extravagant show on television between two great teams and only one can be crowned.

Peyton and Newton

Peyton and Newton

Why did I name the blog Super Bowl Sunday Motivation because it takes self motivation to get to the top of any game to include and not limited to life, business, family, dreams, goals, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, track and field, hockey etc.  The motivation to get to the top and stay there is required to be the best at the game you play and the skills needed to continue to be set apart from the rest of the pack.

Game Time

Game Time

The players playing in the Super Bowl Sunday Motivation has endured 10 plus years of playing the game and developing their skills to be the best on and off the field.  The early mornings, the late nights, the Saturday and Sunday workout when everyone is asleep has set them apart from the other 90% that’s didn’t make it to the National Football League (NFL).

How can you take a step in the right direction from the game being played today.


Sacrifice is a key component in your road to success in any facet of life.


Dedication is the fuel you must possess inside you at all times.


Having a positive attitude to go when other can’t see your dream or goal.


Understanding why you are going through the process to become great.


Being persistent when you are all alone.


Developing your skills to continue to compete with the best.


Developing your character to be in position to understand, have empathy and compassion for others as you travel the road to success.


In the business world the same principles and strategies apply because “the game doesn’t change only the players do”.

The game of life is just like football, baseball, having a family and getting your education.  The game of life is a reward for those who will play it to the fullest, as we will see today in Super Bowl Sunday Motivation.  The team that will win will play to its fullest potential.




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Lorenzo Williams – Super Bowl Sunday Motivation

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