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Daily Blogging As A Free Marketing Method

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Daily Blogging As A Free Marketing Method - by Lorenzo Williams   If you want your blog to catch the attention of the search engines daily blogging as a free marketing method is what you are after.  When you have created your blog, gathered information, selected the product or products you wish to market.  Creating

Average Entry Level Salary Bachelor’s Degree

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Average Entry Level Salary Bachelor's Degree - by Lorenzo Williams   The average entry level salary bachelor’s degree is around $20,000 - $46,000 dollars a year.  Lets look at the benefits of having a degree.  You have a degree and four to eight years of putting in time, money and effort.  The average entry level

John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader

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John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader  - by Lorenzo Williams   Today as I drove home from Orlando FL to Lakeland FL my son was on my mind the entire drive.  I remembered in John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader, he talked about how success comes from what we do everyday.  That’s what I started my talk with my

Health and Safety Training Jobs

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Health and Safety Training Jobs – by Lorenzo Williams The construction industry is booming once again and now the need for health and safety training jobs are on the rise.  Training employees is the number one safety related issue in construction. The construction industry has been on a turn around for the last three years. 

Entry Level Construction Jobs Salary

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Entry Level Construction Jobs Salary – By Lorenzo Williams Construction is on the rise throughout the United States.  The entry level construction jobs salary is at a stand still national wide.  The entry level construction jobs salary is a very important to keep the construction industry live and well.  The construction industry is taking a

VA Disability Taking Too Long

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VA Disability Taking Too Long - By Lorenzo Williams   As I sit in Chicago watching the snow fall.  I ask myself why is my VA disability taking too long to process.  I found free information to keep me occupied until it comes through.  I have patience and time on my side.  Looking at the

Veteran Resource Directory

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Veteran Resource Directory – Lorenzo Williams   As Christmas closes in on us. The veteran resource directory has grown larger than ever before. This time of year is critical for veteran resource directory to get the help needed to veterans during this holiday season.  As we look back at an amazing year of goals, dreams,