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Super Bowl Sunday Motivation

Super Bowl Sunday Motivation - By Lorenzo Williams   Today is Super Bowl Sunday Motivation for two reasons the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.  The motivation and sacrifice on and off the field that is required of the players, coaches, and staff just to get to the Super Bowl is superb to say the [...]

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John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader

John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader  - by Lorenzo Williams   Today as I drove home from Orlando FL to Lakeland FL my son was on my mind the entire drive.  I remembered in John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader, he talked about how success comes from what we do everyday.  That’s what I started my talk with my [...]

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Les Brown Story

Les Brown Story – by Lorenzo Williams   What does it take to become the successful?  The Les Brown Story tells of a young man who came from humble beginning to become a world wide professional speaker.  The Les Brown Story is more than just about will, sacrifice and hard work.  The Les Brown Story [...]

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Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas – By Lorenzo Williams How to get ready for next year by operating an online business ideas from the comfort of your home.  To have more time, enjoyment, freedom, while having more opportunity and value added in your life.    How to get started with your own online business ideas is only as [...]

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