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9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 3

9 Things A Leader Must Do Part 3 - By Lorenzo Williams     Leadership Calling What is Leadership? An age old question that has many answers and opinions. In the book “9 Things Leaders Must Do” we learn that issues are solved by a few leaders who are willing to put relationships on the [...]

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How To Get Veteran Services Training

How To Get Veteran Services Training – By Lorenzo Williams Being a veteran and understanding how to get veteran services training as a veteran I feel I can discuss with true feeling and authenticity. I have been separated from the military for three years and how to get veteran services training is becoming a very important topic at the [...]

John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader

John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader  - by Lorenzo Williams   Today as I drove home from Orlando FL to Lakeland FL my son was on my mind the entire drive.  I remembered in John Maxwell 360-Degree Leader, he talked about how success comes from what we do everyday.  That’s what I started my talk with my [...]

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Health and Safety Training Jobs

Health and Safety Training Jobs – by Lorenzo Williams The construction industry is booming once again and now the need for health and safety training jobs are on the rise.  Training employees is the number one safety related issue in construction. The construction industry has been on a turn around for the last three years.  [...]

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Safety and Health Management Salary

Safety and Health Management Salary – By Lorenzo Williams   How do we change the safety culture of the safety professional?  First look at the safety and health management salary for the profession.  The certification process is soon to be international and the requirements are stiff and rigid.  How can more safety professionals earn certifications, [...]

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