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What are your goals?

What are your goals? By - Lorenzo Devon Williams What do you want to achieve to make your life different? With each step there are going to be roadblocks on your journey. What are your goals what makes you want to be different than everybody else? What are your goals? What will do [...]

What are your talents?

What are your talents? By - Lorenzo Devon Williams   What do you have that makes you different than everybody else? How can you change the world with your talents? What makes everybody different is there talents, some of us have natural talents and also we can learn to build are talents. What are your [...]

Believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself - by Lorenzo Devon Williams   Believing in yourself is the most important key to become successful. There is going to be a little voice I call the demon in your head telling you, you can’t do this, stop trying, so believe in yourself. It won't be easy you’re going to be [...]

Transforming yourself.

Transforming yourself. - By Lorenzo Devon Williams If you want to be successful you have to change something to get you there. Transforming yourself. Change your mind to have the mindset to be successful.  It won’t be easy changing yourself but if it was easy everybody would do it, this is why you are one [...]

Why You Should Join Six Figure Mentors? Part 3

Why You Should Join Six Figure Mentors? – By Lorenzo Williams   3. Joining Six Figure Mentors allows you to decide your lifestyle you want to live. That lifestyle for the first time is yours to choose. Why you should join six figure mentors? The education you have is not working. The certifications and training [...]

Marketing to the Right Group Instead of Everyone

Marketing to the Right Group Instead of Everyone – By Lorenzo Williams   How’s your marketing holding up against the rest of the marketers. Marketing to the right group instead of everyone matters in many ways.   Marketing to the Right Group Instead of Everyone   What is the right group or niche to market [...]

Who Is Jay Kubassek?

Who Is Jay Kubassek? – By Lorenzo Williams As football comes to an end we are reminded of the hard work and long hours the teams and organizations put in to get to the championship game and congratulations goes out to the Denver Broncos. Jay Kubassek What can we learn from a NFL [...]

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Who is Stuart Ross?

Who is Stuart Ross? – By Lorenzo Williams   Who is Stuart Ross?  Stuart Ross is your average every day guy who has believed in himself and has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary life! He loves cars and exotic holidays and lives life on his terms, but his life didn’t start out like that. [...]

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