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What Do I Blog About?

What Do I Blog About? – by Lorenzo Williams


A few people have asked me what do I blog about? First I look at my life and what I know from my life experience.  Second I look at what I’m passionate about in my life?  Ask yourself what are the thoughts I have in my head all day.  When asked what do I blog about?  Blog about what is on your mind.  Seems easy ha, it is you can do this blogging thing.  I’ll explain my process to you in a few simple steps.


Blogging is Fun

Blogging Is Fun

When I get ready to blog its usually in the early morning, mid day or late night.  I have a journal with me at this times stated above.  My journal during the day becomes my blog.  I write down the ideas, thoughts and what I hear from other people during the day down in my journal.  My journal is my I Phone Notes.  I use the one thing that’s always with me to help me write my blog.


When asked what do I blog about I say life.  Start participating in life.  Blogging allows us to give back to the World around us.  Before I blog or post anything, I ask myself how can I add value to the World today.  Saying that opens up my mind and then I mediate for 5 minutes to calm my mind, so I can get the most from my super computer (my brain).  I meditate everyday for 30 minutes.  I have learned over the years that meditation helps you be able top recognize thoughts that can help you or hurt you.  Start meditating it will add value to your life.




As you can see I really enjoy meditating, so back to the topic blogging.  Ask yourself what are the three things I have experience doing, enjoying and debating with friends and family.  That’s what you blog about.

I’m creating a Video Series on blogging that will be on You Tube.  The first one is already done.

I created a video today just on this topic and its called WHY BLOG?

Subscribe to my You Tube channel for more videos to come.

Make sure to ask me question through email because I get a lot of comments on my blog, so reach out to me through email that’s below my picture on the blog if you have a personal question you want me to answer.

To sum it up start blogging and just relax and let you fingers do the walking on your keyboard – I sound like a commercial for the yellow pages.  I’m also asked what do I prefer to use Word Press or something else.  I use Word Press and that’s it I’m not endorsing any format, but I will say Word Press is the future period.  Technology like time waits for no man or woman to get on board they are just left behind.  There you have it.

Let me say thank you for all the encouraging words and advise I receive in the comments.  I will be replying to each post, so give me some time please.


Be You

Be You


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